The Scent Project is the title of an ongoing collaboration between draftsman Frances Middendorf (Rome), master Italian perfumer Leonardo Opali (TAG perfume, Vicenza) and myself. Our artist trio has had 4 exhibitions since 2015, at NYC’s Tambaran Gallery, the Downing Yudain Gallery in Stamford, CT and at Villas Pojana and Cornaro (both in Italy’s Veneto Region).

Frances’ drawings document her European travels to study the history of perfume and the over-millennia importance and cross-cultural use of scent.  In conjunction with her work, Leonardo has formulated new scents and I have created one-of-a-kind lead crystal flacons. Specific to our interest in Italy’s Villas of the Veneto, we design works inspired by aspects of each villa.

Exhibition catalogue:
Art of Scent

Collaboration: Scent Project

Villa Pojana


Villa Cornaro