Boothe – Cohen Collaboration

“Between Seeing and Knowing”
Accola Griefen Gallery  Chelsea, NYC Sept/Oct 2013

“Between Seeing and Knowing” is a large scale installation initiated through the Collaborative Residency Program at the Corning Museum of Glass in 2012. For this work we used a wide range of glass processes including kiln-casting, slumping, fusing, blowing, hot-sculpting and sand-casting.

Conceptually, the piece takes as a starting point our long-standing interest in 14th through 19th Century Tibetan Buddhist thangka paintings, integrating our otherwise separate studio practices. We reinterpreted the symbolism in the paintings to create a work that reflects the organizational structure and palette of the paintings, as well as the sense of expansiveness and lack of hard resolution characteristic of Buddhist ideology.

The piece, as installed at the Accola Griefen Gallery, was 33′ long x 10′ high x 1.5′ deep and was comprised of approximately 300 elements. A review was published in Glass Quarterly magazine (Winter 2013-’14) and NYArts.

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Philadelphia Art Alliance Philadelphia, PA June/Aug 2017

“Permutations” features an evolved version of “Between Seeing and Knowing,” (expanded to 50’ l x 10’ ht) alongside a series of new works on paper, sculptures and individual wall installations that combine both two and three dimensional works. Kiln-casting, the process by which many of the elements are generated, involves first sculpting forms in wax that are to be transposed into glass. In the most recent development and furtherance of our project, we have used these waxes as tools of innovation and physical catalysts in the creation of monoprints.

Link to Glass Quarterly magazine blogpost: